Gas Turbines

Even More Ways to Generate Power with a Broader Range of Gas Turbines

Gas turbine units have played an important role in the generation of electrical power. They are dominant in the offshore industry and are used extensively throughout the world in general power applications and the rapidly expanding cogeneration market.

0 - 15 MW

Includes the KG2-3G, KG2-3E, Siemens Industrial 501K, Siemens SGT-100, Siemens SGT-300 and Siemens SGT-400.

16 - 41 MW

Includes the Siemens SGT-500, Siemens SGT-A30 (Industrial RB211*), Siemens SGT-A35 (Industrial RB211-GT30*), Siemens SGT-600, Siemens SGT-700, and Siemens SGT-750.

41 + MW

Includes the Siemens SGT-800 and Siemens Industrial Trent 60*.

Gas Turbine Upgrades

Dresser-Rand offers a number of quality product upgrades and programs for Gas Turbines.

Gas Turbine Revamps + Remanufactures

Restore your gas turbine engine to current, new engine performance standards.