ISOPAC Compressors

Refurbished ISOPAC Compressors

ISOPAC centrifugal compressors are field-proven machines featuring an OEM design, heavy-duty materials and a long history of reliability. Now, Dresser-Rand offers high-efficiency, low maintenance remanufactured ISOPAC centrifugal compressors that represent the most reliable and efficient equipment on the market. Get the efficiency of a new compressor at 60 percent of the cost.

Now you can take your field-proven ISOPAC centrifugal compressor, with its history of reliability, and achieve an operating efficiency level comparable to new equipment with a high-efficiency impeller upgrade from Dresser-Rand.

Competitively priced and delivered in a fraction of the standard turnaround time for new units, these compressors are backed by a full new-unit warranty.

Existing ISOPAC units are easy to replace with remanufactured units since the footprint, foundation and piping do not need to change. Also, in comparison to new units, the remanufactured compressors are easily maintained due to the horizontally split case design.

Improvements available include —

  • IMPELLERS – High efficiency impellers are also available. The current investment-cast, radially bladed impeller can be replaced with a new five-axis machined, backswept design.
  • BEARINGS – Precision thin-wall, steel-backed babbitt-lined bearings supported in a horizontally split bearing housing are used for the bull gear shaft. Each bull gear bearing contains a Michell two-direction thrust bearing system. The high-speed pinion shafts are supported in the original Clark design tilting pad bearings which are carried in a horizontally split bearing housing. Flexure Pivot® tilt pad bearings (Waukesha Bearings Corporation™) are also available. All bearing oil seals are of the labyrinth type.
  • GEAR CASE – All gear cases are horizontally split at the bull gear and pinion centerline for ease of maintenance. Ports provide easy visual inspection of gearing above each pinion/bull gear mesh area.
    • PINION SHAFT AND GEARS The pinion shafts, including the gear, two-direction thrust collars, and impeller mounting flanges, are machined from solid forgings. The shafts are dynamically balanced before mounting the impellers and again after the impellers are in place.
    • LABYRINTH SEALS Horizontally split aluminum labyrinth shaft air seals are installed behind the impellers to provide a seal between the compressor stage and the atmospheric port. The atmospheric port isolates the pinion bearings from the compressor stage. A polymer seal is also available from Dresser-Rand.
  • INTER-COOLER AND MOISTURE SEPARATORS – Inter-coolers and moisture separators are provided between each stage of compression. Coolers are shell-and-tube and constructed of copper or admiralty tubes with aluminum fins. Stainless steel moisture separator pads are located downstream of the inter-coolers to limit moisture carry-over.
  • LUBE SYSTEM – The lube system is completely piped and mounted on the base to supply pressurized lube oil to the compressor bearings and gears and, in some cases, the drive motor.
  • BASE – The fabricated steel base on all sizes provides support for the gear case and compressor assembly, main driver, and lubricating system components. The inter-coolers, moisture separators, and lube oil reservoir are in the base.